Monday, June 30, 2008

The Engagement - Liza & Jeeb

29 June 2008 marks my cousin sister Liza's engagement to Jeeb. They are a lovely couple. The engagement ceremony was well organised and went smoothly. It was the first time for me attending an engagement ceremony not to say a Malay engagement :)

At the time set, the fiance arrive with his entourage bringing with him trays of gift (hantaran). Both families chatted a while followed by a short prayer and the exchange of rings. Their wedding is set for January 2009 and I'm already looking forward to it.

As she is the last of our cousins of marriageable age (there's still Kingston on the same rank :p), there's talk that there will be a Chinese tea ceremony for the aunties. That means our mother's rank! This idea has gotten our aunties (yep including my mum) excited and ideas was rolling out to get both the bride and groom to wear what else but the traditional chinese clothes. This is going to be something different for this sweet and lovely couple!!

Although my aunt and uncle are not on this earth to celebrate their daughter's engagement ceremony, I am very sure that they are rejoicing above and is happy with her choice.

Jeeb & Liza ~ Engagement Ceremony ~ 29 June 2008


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