Friday, May 09, 2008

Lucky Streak

Whenever I come across any blog contest that is interesting, I would join in and for the last 2 blog contests that I participated my lucky star was with me :)

The first was held by Yenny. We were to guess what is the picture and name 3 endangered species.
Answer : White and Brown Sugar Lump/Rock

3 endangered species :

(1) orang utan - they are just so cute and adorable, feel like wanna hug them :) furthermore, there's studies that say we originate from them rite? hehehe...
(2) penguins - just luv the way they walk!!
(3) white tigers - their coat is just so velvety feel and their adorable in their own world

Now, I'm awaiting for my pressie to arrive :)


The second was held by Debbie. Very simple, just be the 7th commenter and you get the altered paper clips she did.

Aren't they cute??

Credits : photos taken from Yenny and Debbie's blog


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