Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Yew Loi

True to our words as per my previous post where we intent to gather together to celebrate each others birthday, we indeed had another gathering and this time we celebrated Yew Loi's birthday in April-08.

Birthday boy ~ Yew Loi with his wife Sandy and son Hector

We bought a very cute bread cake for him and told him that this is his birthday cake and after the customary birthday song and candle blowing, the bread cake was shared amongst all of us. No need to use any knife, just tear it with your fingers :)

cute bread cake
3 big and 1 small candles to represent his age as this bread cake can't fit 31 candles *grin*

After all the huu-huu haa-haa of having tasted his special cute bread cake, we brought out the real cake - New York Cheese Cake.

The cake - New York Cheese Cake

It was a short gathering as it was on a weekday. Short but sweet and full of laughter and it was the complete gang unlike previous gathering to celebrate Hiew-san's birthday, one member was unable to make it.

The whole 'gang'

Next on, date set for May 25th to celebrate yours truly birthday.....


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