Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me... :)

Today is my birthday and also Wesak Day!! which means it is a Public Holiday :)

Celebrated with my family yesterday. We went to LYJ Restaurant in Sg. Buloh New Village for "poon-choy" and thereafter to my house to have coffee and cake. Gosh, it has been so many many years since I last blown my birthday cake!! and it sure feels good yesterday night to blow those candles off!! hehehehe.....

I have a history of crying at each of my own birthday party when I was a child. Time and again, mum and my aunts would "remind" me of me crying in front of everyone when they sing the birthday song. You ask me why? I don't have the answer for you. Guess that time I'm still young and having all those eyes on you when they sing the birthday song and wait for me to blow the candles sort of overwhelm me....??

Anyway, yesterday was a nice evening and a get-together with my family and my aunts and uncle. Not only me enjoyed the evening, Cavan did as well for, for the 1st time he actually "perform" incy-winsy spider in front of everyone!! Think he liked the attention the most!! hahaha....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Black Star!

A typical Friday to me is happy coz the weekend is near!!

But yesterday is a black Friday for me :( Bad timing and bad location!! A motorcyclist bang into the car on my left and thereafter crash into my car. That damage alone made a lot of scratches on my front left passenger door :(

He refused to settle anything (even to the car he banged into!!) and rode away!!


Next morning went to make a police report to protect myself in case these "bummers" decided to play dirty and for nothing get sued or something along that line. Happily typing out my police report when I realised to my horror that my driving license expired since April 28th, 2008!!! and today is May 17th!!! Gosh, what am I to do now? I can't pull back my report and the next step is to see the Sarjan!! Ggggrrr.... this is turning to be a really bad start on a Saturday morning :(

Anyway, I just proceeded with the report, saw the Sarjan and mumbled to him that in my rush to leave the house, I've left my license in another bag bla bla bla.... and then rushed to the post office to have my license renewed. Can't back-date my license validity thus no choice loh but to just photocopy the license and passed to the Sarjan later in the day.

If I get saman, no choice but to pay up for my own neglect in not noticing that my license has expired! To add salt to the wound, hubby commented that it is not like me to forget these stuff!! Cheez... he don't have to say it that time, choose another time to remind me can you??!! I'm already calculating "indian figures" in my head to get those scratch off the door!!

Black star ohh black star, please move away from my horizon as my birthday is around the corner!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Cavan's sensei on Saturday gave each child a stalk of carnation for them to present to their mummy in conjunction of mother's day on Sunday, May 11th.

My sweet little boy got hold of the stalk of carnation and refused to give it to me. Instead when I asked him who you're going to give it too, he said it's for daddy!! and when I told him it was for Mother's Day, he insisted he's going to give it to daddy!! What a great start to mother's day....

cheeky fella with the stalk of carnation

Nonetheless, flower of no flower his smile and hug made my day! :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Yew Loi

True to our words as per my previous post where we intent to gather together to celebrate each others birthday, we indeed had another gathering and this time we celebrated Yew Loi's birthday in April-08.

Birthday boy ~ Yew Loi with his wife Sandy and son Hector

We bought a very cute bread cake for him and told him that this is his birthday cake and after the customary birthday song and candle blowing, the bread cake was shared amongst all of us. No need to use any knife, just tear it with your fingers :)

cute bread cake
3 big and 1 small candles to represent his age as this bread cake can't fit 31 candles *grin*

After all the huu-huu haa-haa of having tasted his special cute bread cake, we brought out the real cake - New York Cheese Cake.

The cake - New York Cheese Cake

It was a short gathering as it was on a weekday. Short but sweet and full of laughter and it was the complete gang unlike previous gathering to celebrate Hiew-san's birthday, one member was unable to make it.

The whole 'gang'

Next on, date set for May 25th to celebrate yours truly birthday.....

Friday, May 09, 2008

Lucky Streak

Whenever I come across any blog contest that is interesting, I would join in and for the last 2 blog contests that I participated my lucky star was with me :)

The first was held by Yenny. We were to guess what is the picture and name 3 endangered species.
Answer : White and Brown Sugar Lump/Rock

3 endangered species :

(1) orang utan - they are just so cute and adorable, feel like wanna hug them :) furthermore, there's studies that say we originate from them rite? hehehe...
(2) penguins - just luv the way they walk!!
(3) white tigers - their coat is just so velvety feel and their adorable in their own world

Now, I'm awaiting for my pressie to arrive :)


The second was held by Debbie. Very simple, just be the 7th commenter and you get the altered paper clips she did.

Aren't they cute??

Credits : photos taken from Yenny and Debbie's blog
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