Saturday, March 01, 2008

Kopi Street Gathering

I went for the shortest gathering today thanks to my boy who was again as usual for these past 2 weeks "acted up" again :(

Although it was a very very brief gathering for me, it was nice seeing four of my previous schoolmates again (besides recently meeting up with kahlai, sandy and huenfong). They still look the same!! :)

back row : me with Cavan, Pooi Leng, Kian Hock, Ling Ling, Kah Lai & Sandy
seated front : Kok Leong and Huen Fong

Later I heard that they will be another gathering to be arrange and this time either hi-tea or dinner and hopefully more of our schoolmates will come. It would be nice to catch up with each other after so many years since leaving school :) and this time I'm adamant on staying on!!


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