Monday, February 04, 2008

Taste Matters!!

I've signed up for membership with Taste Matters by Westin Kuala Lumpur late last year and totally forgotten about it. So when an envie arrived with a set of voucher and membership card, I was surprised yet delighted.

One of the voucher is a complimentary set dinner for two at their "Living Room". We made reservations and headed our way there for dinner 2 days before the voucher was due (yeah, procastinated again until we realised that the expiry was near!!).

Dropped off hubby in the morning at his office before heading to my workplace. After work, the traffic to my hubby's office was okay but the traffic heading down to KL (Federal Highway) was bumper to bumper!! We decided to use another route to downtown KL instead of Federal Highway and was lucky to arrive Westin half an hour earlier from our reserved time. Since both of us have not step foot in Pavillion before, we crossed the busy Bintang Walk street and had a really quick survey of the latest craze and happening place in the heart of KL! It's huge and lots of branded shops. Will explore more another day....

lighted lanterns adorned the whole of Bintang Walk with Chinese New Year round the corner
**pix captured from inside the car as the road was jam**

Right, back to my dinner.... Our complimentary dinner was disappointing. The service was lousy!! I can 90% say that we're not the only customer that was frustrated as you can see each table faced the same situation. First, they seated us but no one came and explain or take your order (yes, it's complimentary but you get to choose your main dish). Even though we flagged the waiter (even the Manager on duty!!), no proper explanation was given. The wait in between dishes was extremely long for just 3 dishes!!! I did not even wait for my dessert (after waiting for 30 minutes and having two waiter telling me "it's coming").

our entree ~ deep fried prawn on a bed of tomatoes

my main dish ~ pan-seared scallops

hubby's main dish ~ rack of lamb with creamy mashed potatoes

For the first time, I actually told the cashier when I went to settle the bill (zero billing) and to get my card swiped that their service was lousy!! And you would expect an apology? Heck, NO - not a single apology!! Really disappointed with Westin's service that night.

However, I received an invitation a few days later for the official launch and this time, the event was extremely good. Fabulous spread of food and they even had a lucky draw. Guess luck was on my side and for making up for the lousy dinner I had, I won myself a "consolation" draw of RM50 voucher that can be offset from my total bill in any of their restaurants :)


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