Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reunion with g-OLD friends

We had our 2nd CNY reunion dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Ampang. I've posted the group photo we took at last year's reunion here.

If I'm not mistaken we sort off (or well maybe it's me!!) lost contact with each other right after school ie. not meeting often for "teh tarik" at those mamak stalls or keeping up with each other lives.

However, I'm really delighted and appreciate this group of friends that I came to know from school and from Rukun Tetangga as when I invited them for my wedding and although have not contacted for such a long time, they DID come and we were as "talkative" as ever. It's like we have been constantly keeping up with each other lives!!

Again, after our dinner we headed for "yam-cha", only this time it is not at mamak stalls but at "modern kopitiams" (upgraded liao!!!)

Without further adieu, feast your eyes on our Korean BBQ dinner that night. Our table was filled to the brimmed with dishes and we had to kept clearing dishes to make way for our orders!!

the side dishes that consist various types of kimchi and a hot stone bowl of steam egg!!

BBQ meat

hot stone bowl of "Dilsot-Bibim-Bab"

Kimchi soup

pictured is the chicken version (we ordered squid as well)

(left to right) HuenFong, CheeMeng, Sandy, YewLoi & Hector

for no apparent reason, I just like this shot!! *o*

finally, group photo of us
(left row from 'd' back) HuenFong, YewGiap, yours truly, Angel (KokLeong's sister)
(right row from 'd' back) CheeMeng, YewLoi, Hector (hiding behind his mum!), Sandy, KahLai, KokLeong

We have set another date for "yee-sang" since we did not get to "lou hei" at the Korean Restaurant. More updates then and I hope our reunion will be carried on year after year.....


Ciyou said...

korean food is something special. the BBQ is very nice, the side dishes they refill for you non-stop. Everytime go there eat, will be super full~~

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