Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lou Hei!!!

My favourite dish of the year ~ yee sang which is a "chinese salad" where you can add salmon fish, jelly fish or even pear!!

Usually each year I will try to toss more times of yee sang than the previous year. However this year, I've been rather slow and has not been tossing a lot. So far as I write this post, I've tossed only 4 times!!

1st toss on 2nd day of CNY at Mont Kiara

2nd toss on 3rd day of CNY
early celebration for father-in-law's birthday which falls on the 7th day of CNY aka "yan-yat"

3rd toss at my home where my family came for dinner

4th toss at my parent's house
this is the BEST tasting yee-sang I had
(added with the reason my cousin Kingston paid for it with his first paycheque!! hehehe...)

I'll be tossing more in the days to come before "Chap Goh Meh".

Let's all toss the yee-sang higher for good health and prosperity!!


Pris said...

fren, 4 times is a lot!
i tossed only once this year & 0 time last year :((

life-muses said...

hahaha...i used to toss more than that mah. anyway, you can make up for it next year :)

Ciyou said...

wao!! so many times are?

I tossed 3 time until today. twice in the same day :P

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