Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hiew-san Birthday

We continued our gathering at Desa Parkcity's Waterfront at Kluang Station for yamcha and to celebrate Hiew-san's birthday. What a shock we got when we opened the box (cake bought earlier from Secret Recipe ~ Chocolate Indulgence, was in the refrigerator during our dinner), half of the cake "slided" to one side!!! It look like a messy chocolate mud cake or better word "volcano" cake!! after we "slided" it back to its original position hehehe....

new creation cake ~ check out the 31 candles on top!!

birthday boy (in red) with hector looking on to have a portion of the cake

cake feeding time ~ a start to a new tradition??

kiddos enjoying their car cart ride

Admist all the happenings, kiddos ~ Hector and Cavan enjoyed their car cart ride at the expense of their mums who need to push them all over the area!!

Before parting ways, it was said that we should have a gathering for each of our birthdays and thus birthdates was passed around. Let's see if this materialised with the next birthday in April!!


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