Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Festive Chap Goh Meh

Ended this year's Chinese New Year by attending a Lion Dance Performance organised by our Resident Association (2nd time). After work, rushed back to fetch my boy (terrible jam of all days!!) and made it in time to the start of the drums beating.

As usual, I think it's more of me that want to see the Lion Dance hehehe.... Cavan was practically squeezing my neck and hugging me with his whole body as I carried him to the front row where we got a really good view. I could feel bruises on my neck when he release me once we're away from the loud drums!! Of course, in between he will sneak a peek here and there to see where are those lions!! We got 2 red lions and a colourful dragon this year. The dragon only managed to come out and perform for a really short while (not even 5 minutes!!) before it was left sitting tall and mightly at the side and eventually fell down with dignity as you can see from the picture above :)

Hope our Resident Association will continue organising this event next year which will be 3rd in a row...


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