Monday, February 04, 2008

CNY preparations...

So what have I been doing lately? I planned to bake my own cookies and clean the whole house myself unlike last year where we got a helper to do the cleaning for a day's wage.

Part of my plan materialised, part went down the drain. The baking part materialised 80%. I've yet to bake my mother-in-law and my own batch of cookies. Managed to deliver batches to my aunt and mother yesterday. Will finish this last batch tonight no matter what as Chinese New Year is only two days away!!! Can't bake the hazelnut shortbread cookie although I've prepeared the hazelnuts middle of last week :( unless I can find some time to do it tomorrow night *fingers crossed* after packing our stuff for our "balik kampung" trip.

The other plan ~ house cleaning. Eerrr...let's just say that I did not managed to do much although last Friday (Feb 1st) was a Public Holiday followed by the weekend as my boy occupied most of my time! (those time that my mum is not around to tend to him while I catch up on those bakings). I can't do anything except to play with him on his latest craze of constructions vehicles. So, my free time was spend mumbling "up-down", "scoop-pour", "dig-scoop-pour", moving trucks, excavator, cranes, etc.. around and around.

We however managed to grab two bunches of pussywillows from Ikea (they dropped the price from RM16 to RM6.90 per bunch!). Had a really hard time choosing a good one as the buds kept falling off. Found that this year, the pussywillows are not that nice compared to the ones I bought last year. It's up but not decorated yet and hopefully it bloom in time (been dutifully adding ice). Hope to get back last year's achievement where it bloomed beautifully.

Leaving you with some (hopefully it tempt you) goodies I've made.

crispy arrowheads

almond crisps

peanut cookies ~ looking cute baking in the oven :)

peanut cookies made from groundnuts
(not a single drop of peanut butter added!!)

Not in picture is the vanilla kipferl cookies as I've delivered it to my aunt and mother before capturing a pix of it. May post the batch I make tonight if memory does not fail me.


Ciyou said...

peanuts cookies is my favourite. I curi 1 tin back from my hometown :)

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