Saturday, February 16, 2008

CNY Early Reunion Dinner

Since I got married, I just miss my family's reunion dinner so so much!! This year however, I had a chance to savor back those reunion dinner with my family all because my brother and sis-in-law decided to head up North earlier. My parents are "open" thus they don't mind no one's at home on the eve! Guess they enjoy some really really quiet time without the kiddos around making noise! hehehe.... anyway, my parents joined my aunts who lives at the end of the row across our house for reunion on the eve :) So it's a win-win situation eh...

We decided to have steamboat for our reunion rather than the usual "mum cooks everything" since it is a working day and a Monday (4/2) to boot!! Enough said, a picture tells a thousand words...

Enjoy!! pppsssttt..... please put your bib on :p

~ the food!! ~
** yum-mi-li-cious!! **
the soup base is made out of chicken and anchovies stock,
add it up with abalone broth and you get a delicious soup!!

~ Cavan busy playing with his "scoop" the excavator and back hoe while waiting ~

~ some pics while waiting for the food to be cooked ~

** my family **


Yvonne said...

I definitely need a bib, hehehe

Ciyou said...

Reunion dinner is my best dinner of the year, not because of the food, its because of the people - family members.

I haven't update my blog on my reunion dinner, and I shall do that so

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