Friday, February 29, 2008

Snowflake Handmade Pendant

I posted about my 2nd blog win recently.

Today, I received my choice of pendant :) All of Emily's designs are lovely and I was having a hard time choosing. I finally settled for the snowflake as from young, I'm totally in awe with them. Still remember the time when I first touch snow, I went wild!!

Now, I'll wait for the right opportunity to wear my new handmade "snowflake" pendant *o*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Festive Chap Goh Meh

Ended this year's Chinese New Year by attending a Lion Dance Performance organised by our Resident Association (2nd time). After work, rushed back to fetch my boy (terrible jam of all days!!) and made it in time to the start of the drums beating.

As usual, I think it's more of me that want to see the Lion Dance hehehe.... Cavan was practically squeezing my neck and hugging me with his whole body as I carried him to the front row where we got a really good view. I could feel bruises on my neck when he release me once we're away from the loud drums!! Of course, in between he will sneak a peek here and there to see where are those lions!! We got 2 red lions and a colourful dragon this year. The dragon only managed to come out and perform for a really short while (not even 5 minutes!!) before it was left sitting tall and mightly at the side and eventually fell down with dignity as you can see from the picture above :)

Hope our Resident Association will continue organising this event next year which will be 3rd in a row...

Hiew-san Birthday

We continued our gathering at Desa Parkcity's Waterfront at Kluang Station for yamcha and to celebrate Hiew-san's birthday. What a shock we got when we opened the box (cake bought earlier from Secret Recipe ~ Chocolate Indulgence, was in the refrigerator during our dinner), half of the cake "slided" to one side!!! It look like a messy chocolate mud cake or better word "volcano" cake!! after we "slided" it back to its original position hehehe....

new creation cake ~ check out the 31 candles on top!!

birthday boy (in red) with hector looking on to have a portion of the cake

cake feeding time ~ a start to a new tradition??

kiddos enjoying their car cart ride

Admist all the happenings, kiddos ~ Hector and Cavan enjoyed their car cart ride at the expense of their mums who need to push them all over the area!!

Before parting ways, it was said that we should have a gathering for each of our birthdays and thus birthdates was passed around. Let's see if this materialised with the next birthday in April!!

Lou Hei Dinner - with gOLD friends

We stucked to the date we agreed on and went for our Loh Hei dinner at Sri Bintang, Kepong. Besides the yee sang, we ordered steam fish, coconut tomyam prawn, vegetables, lala in superior soup and claypot taufu. I brought my boy along this time.

all ready for the toss

cheemeng brought his beau, cath ~ hope to hear wedding bells soon :)

cheemeng & hiew-san

big prawns in coconut tomyam

side drink that we had besides chinese tea

happy smiling faces *-*

(kahlai, yewgiap & kokleong)

me, cavan and kahlai aka god-ma to cavan

happy family

(yewloi, hector & sandy)

group photo after a satisfying meal
(look at the mess we made!!)
We adjourned to Desa Parkcity where we had our yamcha session at Kluang station and celebrated Hiew-san's birthday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Inspirational video

Dr. Randy Pausch - from Oprah

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

E-mail from my boy...

Received sms from my dad while I was at work yesterday to check my mail and guess what I received?? A cute greeting from my boy!!

It definitely made my day brighter!! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reunion with g-OLD friends

We had our 2nd CNY reunion dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Ampang. I've posted the group photo we took at last year's reunion here.

If I'm not mistaken we sort off (or well maybe it's me!!) lost contact with each other right after school ie. not meeting often for "teh tarik" at those mamak stalls or keeping up with each other lives.

However, I'm really delighted and appreciate this group of friends that I came to know from school and from Rukun Tetangga as when I invited them for my wedding and although have not contacted for such a long time, they DID come and we were as "talkative" as ever. It's like we have been constantly keeping up with each other lives!!

Again, after our dinner we headed for "yam-cha", only this time it is not at mamak stalls but at "modern kopitiams" (upgraded liao!!!)

Without further adieu, feast your eyes on our Korean BBQ dinner that night. Our table was filled to the brimmed with dishes and we had to kept clearing dishes to make way for our orders!!

the side dishes that consist various types of kimchi and a hot stone bowl of steam egg!!

BBQ meat

hot stone bowl of "Dilsot-Bibim-Bab"

Kimchi soup

pictured is the chicken version (we ordered squid as well)

(left to right) HuenFong, CheeMeng, Sandy, YewLoi & Hector

for no apparent reason, I just like this shot!! *o*

finally, group photo of us
(left row from 'd' back) HuenFong, YewGiap, yours truly, Angel (KokLeong's sister)
(right row from 'd' back) CheeMeng, YewLoi, Hector (hiding behind his mum!), Sandy, KahLai, KokLeong

We have set another date for "yee-sang" since we did not get to "lou hei" at the Korean Restaurant. More updates then and I hope our reunion will be carried on year after year.....

Lou Hei!!!

My favourite dish of the year ~ yee sang which is a "chinese salad" where you can add salmon fish, jelly fish or even pear!!

Usually each year I will try to toss more times of yee sang than the previous year. However this year, I've been rather slow and has not been tossing a lot. So far as I write this post, I've tossed only 4 times!!

1st toss on 2nd day of CNY at Mont Kiara

2nd toss on 3rd day of CNY
early celebration for father-in-law's birthday which falls on the 7th day of CNY aka "yan-yat"

3rd toss at my home where my family came for dinner

4th toss at my parent's house
this is the BEST tasting yee-sang I had
(added with the reason my cousin Kingston paid for it with his first paycheque!! hehehe...)

I'll be tossing more in the days to come before "Chap Goh Meh".

Let's all toss the yee-sang higher for good health and prosperity!!

CNY Early Reunion Dinner

Since I got married, I just miss my family's reunion dinner so so much!! This year however, I had a chance to savor back those reunion dinner with my family all because my brother and sis-in-law decided to head up North earlier. My parents are "open" thus they don't mind no one's at home on the eve! Guess they enjoy some really really quiet time without the kiddos around making noise! hehehe.... anyway, my parents joined my aunts who lives at the end of the row across our house for reunion on the eve :) So it's a win-win situation eh...

We decided to have steamboat for our reunion rather than the usual "mum cooks everything" since it is a working day and a Monday (4/2) to boot!! Enough said, a picture tells a thousand words...

Enjoy!! pppsssttt..... please put your bib on :p

~ the food!! ~
** yum-mi-li-cious!! **
the soup base is made out of chicken and anchovies stock,
add it up with abalone broth and you get a delicious soup!!

~ Cavan busy playing with his "scoop" the excavator and back hoe while waiting ~

~ some pics while waiting for the food to be cooked ~

** my family **

Monday, February 11, 2008


Yay!! I won a pendant designed and hand-made by a very talented designer, Emily from paperseed.

This news really came at the right time when all things are gloomy with Cavan down with fever that refuses to go away :(

Will post the pix of the pendant I choose once I've received it *0*

Talking about lady luck, this is the second blog win I've experienced. The first win was from Sarah Tremelling.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!!! everyone...... Have a great holiday and may you be blessed with good fortune and divine health!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Double Boiled Orange

Hubby told me about this one night after he heard it from one of his Business Associates' wife. As he was having slight sore throat, we went and bought a couple of oranges to try it ourselves. It's supposed to be good for people with sore throat and cough.

Method :

* sliced the top of the orange

* sprinkle salt on top (sparsely)

* double boil min. 2 hours

* eat while it's warm

CNY preparations...

So what have I been doing lately? I planned to bake my own cookies and clean the whole house myself unlike last year where we got a helper to do the cleaning for a day's wage.

Part of my plan materialised, part went down the drain. The baking part materialised 80%. I've yet to bake my mother-in-law and my own batch of cookies. Managed to deliver batches to my aunt and mother yesterday. Will finish this last batch tonight no matter what as Chinese New Year is only two days away!!! Can't bake the hazelnut shortbread cookie although I've prepeared the hazelnuts middle of last week :( unless I can find some time to do it tomorrow night *fingers crossed* after packing our stuff for our "balik kampung" trip.

The other plan ~ house cleaning. Eerrr...let's just say that I did not managed to do much although last Friday (Feb 1st) was a Public Holiday followed by the weekend as my boy occupied most of my time! (those time that my mum is not around to tend to him while I catch up on those bakings). I can't do anything except to play with him on his latest craze of constructions vehicles. So, my free time was spend mumbling "up-down", "scoop-pour", "dig-scoop-pour", moving trucks, excavator, cranes, etc.. around and around.

We however managed to grab two bunches of pussywillows from Ikea (they dropped the price from RM16 to RM6.90 per bunch!). Had a really hard time choosing a good one as the buds kept falling off. Found that this year, the pussywillows are not that nice compared to the ones I bought last year. It's up but not decorated yet and hopefully it bloom in time (been dutifully adding ice). Hope to get back last year's achievement where it bloomed beautifully.

Leaving you with some (hopefully it tempt you) goodies I've made.

crispy arrowheads

almond crisps

peanut cookies ~ looking cute baking in the oven :)

peanut cookies made from groundnuts
(not a single drop of peanut butter added!!)

Not in picture is the vanilla kipferl cookies as I've delivered it to my aunt and mother before capturing a pix of it. May post the batch I make tonight if memory does not fail me.

Taste Matters!!

I've signed up for membership with Taste Matters by Westin Kuala Lumpur late last year and totally forgotten about it. So when an envie arrived with a set of voucher and membership card, I was surprised yet delighted.

One of the voucher is a complimentary set dinner for two at their "Living Room". We made reservations and headed our way there for dinner 2 days before the voucher was due (yeah, procastinated again until we realised that the expiry was near!!).

Dropped off hubby in the morning at his office before heading to my workplace. After work, the traffic to my hubby's office was okay but the traffic heading down to KL (Federal Highway) was bumper to bumper!! We decided to use another route to downtown KL instead of Federal Highway and was lucky to arrive Westin half an hour earlier from our reserved time. Since both of us have not step foot in Pavillion before, we crossed the busy Bintang Walk street and had a really quick survey of the latest craze and happening place in the heart of KL! It's huge and lots of branded shops. Will explore more another day....

lighted lanterns adorned the whole of Bintang Walk with Chinese New Year round the corner
**pix captured from inside the car as the road was jam**

Right, back to my dinner.... Our complimentary dinner was disappointing. The service was lousy!! I can 90% say that we're not the only customer that was frustrated as you can see each table faced the same situation. First, they seated us but no one came and explain or take your order (yes, it's complimentary but you get to choose your main dish). Even though we flagged the waiter (even the Manager on duty!!), no proper explanation was given. The wait in between dishes was extremely long for just 3 dishes!!! I did not even wait for my dessert (after waiting for 30 minutes and having two waiter telling me "it's coming").

our entree ~ deep fried prawn on a bed of tomatoes

my main dish ~ pan-seared scallops

hubby's main dish ~ rack of lamb with creamy mashed potatoes

For the first time, I actually told the cashier when I went to settle the bill (zero billing) and to get my card swiped that their service was lousy!! And you would expect an apology? Heck, NO - not a single apology!! Really disappointed with Westin's service that night.

However, I received an invitation a few days later for the official launch and this time, the event was extremely good. Fabulous spread of food and they even had a lucky draw. Guess luck was on my side and for making up for the lousy dinner I had, I won myself a "consolation" draw of RM50 voucher that can be offset from my total bill in any of their restaurants :)

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