Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Surprise Surprise!!

I received a card from Pos Malaysia stating that there's a document too big that can't fit into my company's mailbox attention to me and am required to collect it personally. First thing that came to mind was who and what is that documents that is "too big" for the mailbox!!

Made arrangements to leave the office earlier today to collect the document. It was a parcel from Nurnberg, Germany. I was like, hhmmm..... who send me this? I do deal with my German colleagues but it's not like very close dealing or what, just casual work related dealings. So I was rather surprise to receive something from Germany.

Upon reaching home, first thing I did ~ Yes!! open the parcel to see what's inside :) Was I surprise to received this....

It's a can of gingerbread. Yeah, you'll be thinking it's New Year already!! this is for Christmas. For unknown reasons I don't know why Pos Malaysia held on to this parcel as the date stated on the card is 26 Dec 2007. I guess this is the date it arrives but I only receive the card on 7 Jan 2008!!

Anyhow, I'm happy and pleased to receive this from a lady who is the Personal Assistant to one of the 'big shot' in our Company's group. You feel appreciated from that far away although the dealings may be 3 times in a year the most!!

This is really a nice perk-me-up feeling I ever had since the start of this year!


Lola said...

What a nice surprise! (Hope the gingerbread was still good by the time you received it!) Happy new year :o)

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