Thursday, January 10, 2008

On a cold Thursday night....

Too lazy to go out for dinner since it's started raining late afternoon and since we were at Tesco, decided to cook dinner. Lazy as well to use the "wok", actually dread those washing and wiping after frying hehehe.... thus decided to cook "3 eggs congee" as it's easy and it has been a long time since I had home cook congee!!

We even grabbed a packet of frog legs (aka padi chicken) to add flavor to the congee :) Now, don't go eekkkk just yet. The frog legs's meat is tender and sweet. Yummy!! hehehe...

ready to be eaten "3 eggs congee" with frog legs topped with garlic oil

The ingredients & method:

Eggs - hard boil chicken and salted eggs, mash together with century egg (use the duck century egg as it taste better than chicken century egg)
Frog legs - marinate earlier with a dash of pepper and salt
Garlic oil - minced garlic and fry over slow fire till it's crunchy/golden brown

Once the congee is almost ready, add in frog legs and mashed eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. Add in garlic oil before serving to give it a wonderful aroma!

You can always substitute frog legs with minced pork or sliced pork meat or just leave it as it is ie. only the 3 eggs! Also, instead of garlic oil, you can add a dash of sesame oil to enhance the aroma.

Try it out!


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