Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year Resolutions?

I'm not one that has the habit of making New Year Resolutions for I never look back at them not to say achieving even half of what's listed and the best part, I can't even remember what I wrote!!

This year, am breaking my own rule. I'm making some resolutions which are :

(1) Be more patient with my boy
~ voices say 2 years old is also known as "terrible two". I call it "terrific two". Why? coz they are both terrible and at the same time adorable :)

(2) Blog more, post more and digital scrap more!!

(3) Follow my heart and just do what I wanna do!!
~ not telling my plan just yet. When the time is right then it will be revealed :p

(4) Better time management ~ a favourite topic I believe :)
~ I would need to divide my time better in between spending more time with my boy which includes doing Shichida "homework", house cleaning, exercising (yeah, better go and activate back my yoga membership!!), blogging (per goal #2) and follow my heart in goal #3 to make it a reality!!

Let's see if I'll be able to achieve these 4 goals especially so for #3 as this is totally out of my league!! and I better start work on those flashcards for Cavan...


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