Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I had a dream....

It's been a long time since I had a dream and a weird one to boot!

As may know, my little boy is enrolled in Shichida Method, a school that focuses on right brain development. In my dream, he's at class and they were doing one activity. His Sensei whispered to him while touching his forehead and let him glimpse into a paper for a second (somewhat like a CV from what I saw). After that, his Sensei gave him a microphone.

My little boy took the mic, smiled cheekily a bit then said in perfect Mandarin and perfect sentence the following :

"Ta jia how, wo de ming zhe shi Chen Kang Wen" {sorry ah, I'm not a Mandarin speaking person, thus this is my best own translation :p}

Anyway, the english version if you really think I'm talking nuts up there :

"Good day everyone, my name is Chin Kang Wen".

Now, we seldom speak Mandarin to him although I've been up my hubby's back numerous times to talk to him in Mandarin and we also seldom call him by his chinese name.

So back to the dream, after hearing this I was really in awe *mouth gaping!!* and proud hehehe... Let's hope this dream becomes a reality (he can minus the mic!)


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