Friday, January 04, 2008

Geez!! this is really bad.....

Geez... 2008 has not been good to me!!

My Sony Ericsson K700i acted up this morning. One sms came in, read it and before I could reply, the whole phone went "kaput"!!!! The looming black cloud above my head just refuse to get blown away huh... I wonder what's next on the list!

Although I've been eyeing the new Sony Ericsson K850i , my K700i is still working perfectly fine and time is not right to get a new one at the moment. Just hope that the battery is the culprit. If not then I'll be going phone shopping and will I get my dream phone?? {**hint hint** dear hubby}

{update - Jan 5th}
The battery is working perfectly fine. It's the on/off switch that's broken and the repair costs me RM60!! Well, at least I save a lot and don't have to fork out RM2K+ for my dream phone. Let's wait till the price drop further before contemplating on getting a new phone.


Zachary said...

hey Karen, Happy 2008!!
Quickly make a wish...maybe your K850i is on its way. ")
You know what, refer to your comment on Pris's last blog, actually both of us viewing her blog at the same time. hahaha

life-muses said...

Happy New Year!!
I wish to have a SE K850i :) Now hush hush, coz if it's being heard, my wish won't come true :p

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