Wednesday, January 16, 2008

100th post

This is my 100th post. Never thought I made it this far in my blog!!

Enjoy the video below :)


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crispy Arrowheads

With Chinese New Year just weeks away, I'm having a rather late start this year in preparing stuff to celebrate the Year of the Rat. There's plan to bake cookies rather than purchase it, there's also the house to clean, decorations to be put up, groceries to be bought, etc..

Tried my hand at frying arrowheads as I spotted really big ones in Tesco. The method is simple but rather tedious as you need to scrape the skins, then thinly sliced it and fry it over slow fire. No wonder it's selling so expensive!! However I'm pleased with the result *0*

arrowheads ~ scraped and thinly sliced

arrowheads sizzling away in the hot oil

** the end product **
about 29 arrowheads that only cost me RM11 produces 5 bottles ready to be eaten

Usually salt is sprinkled on it but I prefer mine plain.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

On a cold Thursday night....

Too lazy to go out for dinner since it's started raining late afternoon and since we were at Tesco, decided to cook dinner. Lazy as well to use the "wok", actually dread those washing and wiping after frying hehehe.... thus decided to cook "3 eggs congee" as it's easy and it has been a long time since I had home cook congee!!

We even grabbed a packet of frog legs (aka padi chicken) to add flavor to the congee :) Now, don't go eekkkk just yet. The frog legs's meat is tender and sweet. Yummy!! hehehe...

ready to be eaten "3 eggs congee" with frog legs topped with garlic oil

The ingredients & method:

Eggs - hard boil chicken and salted eggs, mash together with century egg (use the duck century egg as it taste better than chicken century egg)
Frog legs - marinate earlier with a dash of pepper and salt
Garlic oil - minced garlic and fry over slow fire till it's crunchy/golden brown

Once the congee is almost ready, add in frog legs and mashed eggs. Salt and pepper to taste. Add in garlic oil before serving to give it a wonderful aroma!

You can always substitute frog legs with minced pork or sliced pork meat or just leave it as it is ie. only the 3 eggs! Also, instead of garlic oil, you can add a dash of sesame oil to enhance the aroma.

Try it out!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Surprise Surprise!!

I received a card from Pos Malaysia stating that there's a document too big that can't fit into my company's mailbox attention to me and am required to collect it personally. First thing that came to mind was who and what is that documents that is "too big" for the mailbox!!

Made arrangements to leave the office earlier today to collect the document. It was a parcel from Nurnberg, Germany. I was like, hhmmm..... who send me this? I do deal with my German colleagues but it's not like very close dealing or what, just casual work related dealings. So I was rather surprise to receive something from Germany.

Upon reaching home, first thing I did ~ Yes!! open the parcel to see what's inside :) Was I surprise to received this....

It's a can of gingerbread. Yeah, you'll be thinking it's New Year already!! this is for Christmas. For unknown reasons I don't know why Pos Malaysia held on to this parcel as the date stated on the card is 26 Dec 2007. I guess this is the date it arrives but I only receive the card on 7 Jan 2008!!

Anyhow, I'm happy and pleased to receive this from a lady who is the Personal Assistant to one of the 'big shot' in our Company's group. You feel appreciated from that far away although the dealings may be 3 times in a year the most!!

This is really a nice perk-me-up feeling I ever had since the start of this year!

New Year Resolutions?

I'm not one that has the habit of making New Year Resolutions for I never look back at them not to say achieving even half of what's listed and the best part, I can't even remember what I wrote!!

This year, am breaking my own rule. I'm making some resolutions which are :

(1) Be more patient with my boy
~ voices say 2 years old is also known as "terrible two". I call it "terrific two". Why? coz they are both terrible and at the same time adorable :)

(2) Blog more, post more and digital scrap more!!

(3) Follow my heart and just do what I wanna do!!
~ not telling my plan just yet. When the time is right then it will be revealed :p

(4) Better time management ~ a favourite topic I believe :)
~ I would need to divide my time better in between spending more time with my boy which includes doing Shichida "homework", house cleaning, exercising (yeah, better go and activate back my yoga membership!!), blogging (per goal #2) and follow my heart in goal #3 to make it a reality!!

Let's see if I'll be able to achieve these 4 goals especially so for #3 as this is totally out of my league!! and I better start work on those flashcards for Cavan...

I had a dream....

It's been a long time since I had a dream and a weird one to boot!

As may know, my little boy is enrolled in Shichida Method, a school that focuses on right brain development. In my dream, he's at class and they were doing one activity. His Sensei whispered to him while touching his forehead and let him glimpse into a paper for a second (somewhat like a CV from what I saw). After that, his Sensei gave him a microphone.

My little boy took the mic, smiled cheekily a bit then said in perfect Mandarin and perfect sentence the following :

"Ta jia how, wo de ming zhe shi Chen Kang Wen" {sorry ah, I'm not a Mandarin speaking person, thus this is my best own translation :p}

Anyway, the english version if you really think I'm talking nuts up there :

"Good day everyone, my name is Chin Kang Wen".

Now, we seldom speak Mandarin to him although I've been up my hubby's back numerous times to talk to him in Mandarin and we also seldom call him by his chinese name.

So back to the dream, after hearing this I was really in awe *mouth gaping!!* and proud hehehe... Let's hope this dream becomes a reality (he can minus the mic!)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Geez!! this is really bad.....

Geez... 2008 has not been good to me!!

My Sony Ericsson K700i acted up this morning. One sms came in, read it and before I could reply, the whole phone went "kaput"!!!! The looming black cloud above my head just refuse to get blown away huh... I wonder what's next on the list!

Although I've been eyeing the new Sony Ericsson K850i , my K700i is still working perfectly fine and time is not right to get a new one at the moment. Just hope that the battery is the culprit. If not then I'll be going phone shopping and will I get my dream phone?? {**hint hint** dear hubby}

{update - Jan 5th}
The battery is working perfectly fine. It's the on/off switch that's broken and the repair costs me RM60!! Well, at least I save a lot and don't have to fork out RM2K+ for my dream phone. Let's wait till the price drop further before contemplating on getting a new phone.

Sg. Klah Hot Springs, Trolak ~ Dec 30th, 2007

Our whole family went for a weekend get-away at Sg. Klah Hot Springs located at Trolak amidst well-tended oil palm plantation off Sungkai.

We booked the 2-bedroom villa that costs RM600 per night (weekday rate) inclusive of entrance to the Mountain Spring Pool, breakfast and additional mattress. This plantation resort only has in total 5 villas, out of which two are 2-bedroom and three are 1-bedroom. For our group of 7 adults, 1 child and 1 toddler, it fits perfectly!! (we brought 1 foldable mattress and a sleeping bag).

All of us enjoyed this get-away as this family trip is unlike previous whereby we get away to another buzzing town. This is total relaxation as all the villas comes with their own private jacuzzi filled with natural hot spring water!!

The journey to Sg. Klah Hot Springs only took about 1.5 hours. Before reaching Sg. Klah, we went to Bidor town for our lunch where we bought some fruits and fresh lotus seeds.

At the Hot Springs, there's egg boiling activity, therapeutic park and hot spring family bath. Various temperatures are shown thus you are able to take your pick as to which temperature suits you best for a dip at the family bath spots.

Over at the Mountain Spring Pool, a large Octopus greets you and there's a wide slide in the middle where children and adults alike has fun sliding down!! The water is cold and clear.

The Hot Spring is worth to go again and the best part, no entrance fee is required unlike the Mountain Spring Pool. However, the highlight is the private jacuzzi that comes with the villa if you intent to stay there.

You can check out more information here.

The way to eat fresh lotus seeds

RM5 for 3 bunch of fresh lotus seeds. I always find it fascinating whenever I pluck those lotus seeds out for, from the outside you only see a nib or a black dot and when you pluck it out, it is indeed very big.

Dried version is always seen in ready to boil chinese soup packages but fresh lotus seeds are seldom seen in the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It is always when I travel outstation, in small towns that I see it being sold...

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Bought the above corncobs from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail market for our weekend get-a-way to Sg. Klah Hot Springs Resort. It costs me RM35 for 10 corncobs!!! So expensive!! However, it was worth every ringgit as the corn is really sweet and crunchy. Just look at the kernels, it has a nice colour :)

And while I was busy cleaning the corncobs, my little boy was busy at the fridge re-arranging fridge magnets. He showed me his 'art' and I just couldn't resist taking a picture of it! Nice work don't you think so? (just that the head engine got queued at the back and in replace was a car!! hehehe..)

Adorable Blog Templates

I chanced upon this blog that gives away really adorable blog templates. The author is really helpful as well in helping to fix any 'bugs' or problems that you may encounter when you try to upload her template to your blog.

Do check out her blog and her cafepress shop (current) before her new shop is launch for some cute adorable items! She is very talented and all her designs are so lovely, I fell in love with them all.

Thank you Gis for all the help. I appreciate it very much :)


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008!!

collection from

While others are still basking, enjoying and welcoming the new year or sleeping-in after a great countdown the night before, I'm at the clinic visiting the doctor :( got totally drugged taking the medication and slept the whole day off!! What a great start to a New Year huh...

Anyway this is a brand new year thus a brand new look (header) for my blog. Little did I realised that I've been blogging for slightly over a year now. It has been a great way for me to keep my memoirs and I hope this brand new year will bring more happy memories to blog about albeit the first day of 2008 that left me blurred head!!

Happy New Year 2008!! and hope that all wishes comes true for all of us this year and most importantly each and everyone is in the pink-ist of HEALTH!!

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