Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today, we celebrated Winter Solstice rather differently. We went to Exotic - a Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian Cuisine at Sri Hartamas. Initialy, the venue was to be at The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre but it was changed by my 8th aunt so that we can savour something 'different'.

'Different' it was and a great experience as well (on some of the dishes which is my first try).

Here's rolling it off what we had :

~ Fresh Prawn Roll (prawns rolled with vegetables. the mint leaves is a bit too heavy for my liking tho..)
~ Spring Roll (this is the fried version, could not make out what's inside besides veggies!)
~ Vietnamese Crepe (crispy thin crust with fillings of chick peas, chicken and prawns)
~ Mango Salad
~ Cambodian Salad
(shreds of cabbage and bits of chicken in it)
~ Steamed Rice Cakes with Prawns (first time I tried this, a tiny plate with a layer of steam rice and bits of crouton, minced prawns and chick peas. Add fish sauce, mix and eat it!)
~ Pineapple Rice
~ Lotus Seed Rice (it came wrapped in lotus leaves)

~ Grilled Squid

~ Thai Tom Yam Fish (steamed)
~ Beef Stew
~ Mixed Vegetables

A total of 14 pax and 1 toddler shared the above menu. For dessert, we had mango and glutinous rice with coconut milk and cambodian fried banana with ice cream. Not to forget the drink I had which was the Lemongrass drink. It has just the right amount of lemongrass, not too heavy nor light in taste!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! :D

credits : foodie photos from my 8th aunt camera & photos of restaurant and 'tong yuen' from the web and flickr


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