Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 66th birthday. We celebrated by having a simple family dinner at Seapark.

Today is also the day my dad went for a bone scan. He had been suffering back pain for the past one over month (Spinal Compression Fractures). Been going for therapy every Saturday and numerous scans/tests to find out the exact cause besides osteoporosis. Can say that today's test is the final fatal test to see and know exactly what's inside. At 2.23pm today, I received a SMS from him (in his own words) "Jesus has given me a very good birthday gift. No bone cancer." Yay! Praise God!! What a relief!!

I still remember the days when I was very young say 5 - 6 years old and being naughty, my dad would be chasing me around the house (around chairs actually :p) holding the cane but not beating me but those chairs that I run to one another. It really scared me till I'm older that whenever the cane is being mentioned, I would be behaving very well!! This same scenario happened to my brother as well told by my mum when I was older. You see, the cane that my dad used never touched our flesh. He just uses it to scare us to behave well. It worked well and ONCE was all it took.

60+ years on and the same technique delivered to his grandchildren and does it work? Nope. They made him freaking mad one day and the cane was not spared. A lesson well learned though, for they were afraid the next time round for making their grandad angry after numerous warning. Thus it was ONCE and message delivered!

I'm using this technique on Cavan as I don't believe in beating (well maybe once, a no-nonsense ONCE). Let's hope that the "once" does not even need to take place.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


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