Sunday, November 18, 2007

Altered Art!

Did another 'altered art'.

This is a gift to my friend whose birthday is round the corner. It is filled with homemade Almond Crisps. I hope she likes it.


Kah Lai said...

Thanks for such a beautifule gift! It's looks very pretty, don't think I'll open it in anytime soon...too nice to eat! :) Hehehe..
Btw meaning to ask you, the flowers you drew yourself? Wah looks like printed copy, can start your own little creative 'business'... :)

life-muses said...

Am glad that you like it :D
You first day know me ahh...where the in world you get the idea that I'm good at drawing!! hehehe.... I printed out those digi scrap stuff, cut them up and decorated the jar with it :p

helenko said...

That's a nice gift.

-from one of your "Blog Love 2" partners

life-muses said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for dropping by :)

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