Monday, November 12, 2007

AHOY Pangkor!!

This year my Company's Trip (Nov3rd-5th) is at Pulau Pangkor.

Personally, I've been there numerous times. So in terms of sight seeing, nothing new to me. However the place that we stayed at deserves a mention.

(t) fisherman's boat dock at the jetty
(b) catches from the deep blue sea made into tasty snacks

The resort that we choose is Pangkor Beach Resort (previously known as Pan Pacific). The resort and the view from our room is fantastic. Having it's own private beach definitely is an advantage.

(t) view of the resort from the sea
(b) butterfly sucking nectar from the flower

(t & b) sunset sights
I'll definitely give this resort a thought if we are bringing Cavan for a beach holiday as the swimming pool in the resort is lovely. I'm sure he'll have a blast running after and digging for crabs!!

The photos displayed are captured by my colleagues namely William, Wei Seng and Woon. Excellent photography skills, won't you agree with me?


Yvonne said...

Awesome pictures!

Kah said...

Splendid pics! Never seen this 'side' of Pangkor before. Heads up for your colleagues photography skills.

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