Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Slow Talker

Cavan is now starting to 'talk' more, mumbling out more words that I did not even know he knows!! ie. have not heard him mumble, babble anything similar sounding before...

I asked him one night where is his money (his dad gave him RM1 to keep in his pocket as he likes to imitate daddy paying for food). Not expecting any 'real' answer, I was caught off-guard when he replied me "bag-bag". I repeated my question 6 times, and each time he replied the same "bag-bag" with a sly smile!! Tested him the next day and voila!! same answer :D

When we are at the Chinese Medical Shop and he saw a few balls hanging, he will get my attention, pointing at the ball and say "ball". He also called my mother "Poh-Poh" when my mum threaten him to call when he wanted my mum to open the refrigerator door for him.

He's also imitates my niece who calls me in hokkien "kok-kok" (meaning aunt). The latest I heard is Cavan say "key". He actually requested the door "key" from my mum to open the door.

My sis-in-law told me before that for slow talker, their pronounciation is more accurate compared to those who talk earlier. I'm beginning to wonder the truth in this sentence as Cavan's pronounciation is quite accurate.


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