Saturday, October 06, 2007

Shichida - second semester

Cavan started his second semester at Shichida today.

First semester past like a blur to me. To tell the truth, only towards the end of the semester that I can see Cavan progressing and enjoying the class each week! Thinking back the first few classes we went; I think not only were he stressed out, I am as well (or for that matter, whoever brings him to class when I'm not available) :D

Guess my right brain is not fully developed and thus by attending the class with him, my right brain got worked up and trying hard to absorb the information hehehehe....

The center changed his sensei (teacher) for the second semester and personally I like this new sensei more. I actually enjoyed her class!! This new sensei is able to attract the children's attention and knows when to divert or change her momentum if she notices that the children starts to get fidgety.

I hope Cavan looks forward to his classes and in turn we are able to see more of his progress. So far, his attention in flash cards, ESP and photo memory activities/games is good. Thus, home practice does make a difference. I even had him reminding me to play with him these activities each night on those night that I try to 'curi tulang' (lazy) a bit kekekekekk....

Now, I need to try playing the Linking Memory game with him but first let me go figure it out first!!


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