Wednesday, October 03, 2007

First Words!!

Aarggghh...i'm losing count on when Cavan say this word and that word....

All I can remember is that when he's 7 months old, he said "mum-mum" (ie. eat) and somewhere afer he turn 1 .5 years old, he uttered "egg", "eat" and "cheese". Geez all this are FOOD related LOL!!

Not able to keep track of his first words is the result of a working mummy. Knew he could say "egg" and "eat" is when his maternal grandpa tells me when I reach home and he happended to mumble those words.

Well at least for the word "cheese", he said it for the first time in front of me, well actually he's pointing to the cheese and said it coz he wanna eat it!!

Non-food related, he now knows how to call his maternal grandpa "kong-kong" (actually it sounds more like kang-kang hehehe).... and for his daddy and mummy how does he calls us? a very rough 'EEERRR-EEERRR'!!!

Does this sounds like daddy or mummy to you? *o*


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