Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulary Wish & A True Story

My friend recently (ahem!, actually on September 7th) gave birth to a baby boy in London.

Was surprised to received her email with pictures of her baby as her due date was towards end of Sept-07. Anyhow after all the congratulatory exchange, I asked her how was her labour (usual conversation for mummies hehe..)

What a shocker when I received her reply. She started with "You will sure laugh at me......" Do you want to guess what happened??

Well to cut the story short but major points remaining, her water bag broke, went to the hospital, contractions came but the cervix did not dilute after several hours. The midwifes sent her home at 2am (unlike here in Malaysia where you will be admitted, I understand that over in UK they sent you home!). Towards 6am plus, she had a slight "show" but as she is extremely tired without much sleep this friend of mine dozed off!!....

She awoken at a sudden when she felt the baby's head crowning and screamed!! Since the midwifes told her husband and father in-law (FIL) not to panic as usually 1st child labour will take long hours, both the men took their time to get ready (according to her, I did not make this up!!).

Finally their on their way to the hospital (only 10 minutes drive away from where they live) when suddenly my friend felt the baby's head coming out and told her husband that she's going into labour NOW! Her husband checked and true enough saw the baby's head (quarter of it)!!!

He told his wife to push and ONE push is all it takes for Baby Daniel to arrive at the hands of his daddy. Yeah, daddy delivered his own son!! and in the car!!!!

FIL driving the car in case you're wondering who's driving the vehicle and it is a Honda :p

Isn't this an amazing birth story. Never think it could happen to you? think again and be prepared as you'll never know!!

Congratulations again Andy & Jillian. I admire both of your courage especially delivering your own child!! :D

credits : Babykit by Johana and kiwiblacklinen paper by ShabbyP

ppssttt.... I'm close to a month late in posting this but hey, better late than never!!


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