Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HaPpeE 3rd Anniversary!

Time does fly pass before you realise anything.

I got married at the age of 27, gave birth at age 28 and today is my 3rd wedding anniversary (if you wanna know my age now, go figure :p)

In the midst of planning my wedding, a thought came to me to get my 2-piece band to sing the grand entrance song LIVE and I was constantly reminding them to practice and remember the lyrics as this is the first time they are doing a LIVE song entrance for wedding!!

Listening to it does bring back beautiful memories of me walking down the 'aisle' :D Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

Happy 3rd Anniversary hubby!

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Slow Talker

Cavan is now starting to 'talk' more, mumbling out more words that I did not even know he knows!! ie. have not heard him mumble, babble anything similar sounding before...

I asked him one night where is his money (his dad gave him RM1 to keep in his pocket as he likes to imitate daddy paying for food). Not expecting any 'real' answer, I was caught off-guard when he replied me "bag-bag". I repeated my question 6 times, and each time he replied the same "bag-bag" with a sly smile!! Tested him the next day and voila!! same answer :D

When we are at the Chinese Medical Shop and he saw a few balls hanging, he will get my attention, pointing at the ball and say "ball". He also called my mother "Poh-Poh" when my mum threaten him to call when he wanted my mum to open the refrigerator door for him.

He's also imitates my niece who calls me in hokkien "kok-kok" (meaning aunt). The latest I heard is Cavan say "key". He actually requested the door "key" from my mum to open the door.

My sis-in-law told me before that for slow talker, their pronounciation is more accurate compared to those who talk earlier. I'm beginning to wonder the truth in this sentence as Cavan's pronounciation is quite accurate.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Early Bird

This post is nothing about birds unless of course you consider me a bird?! :p

I won a LAT comic book for being the first (read earliest) to arrive for our Company's internal training on 'Work Smart with Your Time' workshop held in our Company. Basically the workshop is about time management and also utilising the functions available in Lotus Notes.

Indeed a surprise as this is the first time I won myself something for being early or punctual :D

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Zoo Negara

Spend most of the day at our National Zoo today.

Hubby has been for weeks wanted to bring Cavan to the zoo. Finally managed to go today and since it is the Ramadhan month for the Muslim, we foresee that it won't be crowded.

It has been more than 18 years that hubby had not been to the zoo and for myself, the last time I visited the animal kingdom is when I was in secondary school!! We got a shock when we went to purchase the tickets. It costs RM15 per adult!! and all along both of us think it will be RM4-5, well basically less than RM10. For children 3 - 11 years old, it's RM6! A bit pricey don't you think?

All I can say is that the zoo is okay. Told my hubby that the next time we visit the zoo again will most probably when our son is around the age of 5-6 years old. So that is another 3-4 years and by then, hopefully our zoo has upgraded itself...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Shichida - second semester

Cavan started his second semester at Shichida today.

First semester past like a blur to me. To tell the truth, only towards the end of the semester that I can see Cavan progressing and enjoying the class each week! Thinking back the first few classes we went; I think not only were he stressed out, I am as well (or for that matter, whoever brings him to class when I'm not available) :D

Guess my right brain is not fully developed and thus by attending the class with him, my right brain got worked up and trying hard to absorb the information hehehehe....

The center changed his sensei (teacher) for the second semester and personally I like this new sensei more. I actually enjoyed her class!! This new sensei is able to attract the children's attention and knows when to divert or change her momentum if she notices that the children starts to get fidgety.

I hope Cavan looks forward to his classes and in turn we are able to see more of his progress. So far, his attention in flash cards, ESP and photo memory activities/games is good. Thus, home practice does make a difference. I even had him reminding me to play with him these activities each night on those night that I try to 'curi tulang' (lazy) a bit kekekekekk....

Now, I need to try playing the Linking Memory game with him but first let me go figure it out first!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulary Wish & A True Story

My friend recently (ahem!, actually on September 7th) gave birth to a baby boy in London.

Was surprised to received her email with pictures of her baby as her due date was towards end of Sept-07. Anyhow after all the congratulatory exchange, I asked her how was her labour (usual conversation for mummies hehe..)

What a shocker when I received her reply. She started with "You will sure laugh at me......" Do you want to guess what happened??

Well to cut the story short but major points remaining, her water bag broke, went to the hospital, contractions came but the cervix did not dilute after several hours. The midwifes sent her home at 2am (unlike here in Malaysia where you will be admitted, I understand that over in UK they sent you home!). Towards 6am plus, she had a slight "show" but as she is extremely tired without much sleep this friend of mine dozed off!!....

She awoken at a sudden when she felt the baby's head crowning and screamed!! Since the midwifes told her husband and father in-law (FIL) not to panic as usually 1st child labour will take long hours, both the men took their time to get ready (according to her, I did not make this up!!).

Finally their on their way to the hospital (only 10 minutes drive away from where they live) when suddenly my friend felt the baby's head coming out and told her husband that she's going into labour NOW! Her husband checked and true enough saw the baby's head (quarter of it)!!!

He told his wife to push and ONE push is all it takes for Baby Daniel to arrive at the hands of his daddy. Yeah, daddy delivered his own son!! and in the car!!!!

FIL driving the car in case you're wondering who's driving the vehicle and it is a Honda :p

Isn't this an amazing birth story. Never think it could happen to you? think again and be prepared as you'll never know!!

Congratulations again Andy & Jillian. I admire both of your courage especially delivering your own child!! :D

credits : Babykit by Johana and kiwiblacklinen paper by ShabbyP

ppssttt.... I'm close to a month late in posting this but hey, better late than never!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today in history....

Today, October 3rd in Year 2004 is the day I signed my consent to be Mrs Chin!! :D

We had our signing ceremony at the Klang's Hokkien Association. Few of our friends from Klang witnessed our matrimony. Time flew by like a blink of any eye. It has now been 3 years and we have a baby boy who will be turning 2 years old this coming Nov-07.

Happy 3rd Anniversary hubby!!

First Words!!

Aarggghh...i'm losing count on when Cavan say this word and that word....

All I can remember is that when he's 7 months old, he said "mum-mum" (ie. eat) and somewhere afer he turn 1 .5 years old, he uttered "egg", "eat" and "cheese". Geez all this are FOOD related LOL!!

Not able to keep track of his first words is the result of a working mummy. Knew he could say "egg" and "eat" is when his maternal grandpa tells me when I reach home and he happended to mumble those words.

Well at least for the word "cheese", he said it for the first time in front of me, well actually he's pointing to the cheese and said it coz he wanna eat it!!

Non-food related, he now knows how to call his maternal grandpa "kong-kong" (actually it sounds more like kang-kang hehehe).... and for his daddy and mummy how does he calls us? a very rough 'EEERRR-EEERRR'!!!

Does this sounds like daddy or mummy to you? *o*

Monday, October 01, 2007

Vanilla Kipferl Cookies

Baked a batch of Vanilla Kipferl cookies recipe courtesy of my cousin. Surprisingly it is rather easy and fast and mmm.....delicious!!!

And oohh, although Vanilla is being named here, but there's not a single drop of vanilla essence at all!!.. Duh, don't ask me why!!

crescent shape vanilla kipferl all lined up ready to be bake

soft melt in the mouth de-li-cious vanilla kipferl coated with castor sugar

Do you want to try it?
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