Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Orange Poppy Seed Cake gone awry!!

This blog post is a bit late. Had too many things on my hand to blog for a few days.

Last Friday (Aug 31st) was a Public Holiday, Malaysia's National Day and this year it is our 50th year of independence!!

My son's "kai-ma" came for a visit and we decided to bake orange poppy seed cake. The whole process was fun, orange aroma throughout the whole house. Hhmmm..... it smells so yummy!! and we just can't wait to test our creation.

The whole look and feel is similar to the picture in the recipe. HOWEVER, the taste was just how do I put it in a nice and gentle way? hehehe..... Well, the cake is a bit hard, taste floury and not sweet!! If not for the syrup that we poured over the cake as the recipe calls for it, the whole cake is not sweet!!

I was not too satisfied with the result of this cake. I expected a better turn out comparing it to my previous bakes. Thought about the whole process the whole night and VOILA!! I think I know where we went wrong.

Now you see, during the measurement of the ingredients, the recipe calls for 3/4 of milk and sugar. Being me who hates figures, I got this "kai-ma" to tell me how much is 3/4 as we did not have a cup for specific 3/4. So using a 1/4 cup, "kai-ma" told me not to fill the ingredient to the brim, just slightly below the brim and you'll get 3/4. Have you noted the error in here already?? :p

No offence yah "kai-ma" (anyway, you seldom read my blog so very safe for me to post this up kekekekek). So the measurement was wrong which I figured contributed to the result of the cake being a bit hard and not sweet at all!!

This cake will be KIV-ed for the moment. Will give it a try again and this time I'm sure it will turn out the way it should be - soft, moist and tastes like what a cake should be!!

orange poppy seed ~ gone awry


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