Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

We went for dinner at The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre on Monday, Sept 17th. Occassion is to celebrate my 8th aunt's birthday.

Cavan presenting the gift we made for her, home made almond crips in an 'altered art' glass jar.

This time the food is yet again lovely and delicious (feast your eyes below....)

Our starter, Salad Prawns & Crispy Stuffed Scallop.

Nicely displayed for individual consumption.
Note how BIG is the scallop!!

The scallop up-close!!

Next comes the Double-Boiled Shark's Bone Soup with Japanese Scallop. Found it a bit saltish....

1.5 of BBQ Suckling Pig with Butterfly Buns (man-tao) to accommodate all 16 of us in a table. The remains of the pig is cooked Deep-Fried with Salt & Pepper.

Baked White Tuna Fish with Miso Sauce.
This is the first time I ate fresh tuna meat instead of having it from a can and it is just yummy!!

Stuffed Bamboo Pith with Crabmeat & Crabroe

We then had the Chinese 'Amah' Noodles. Noodles represent 'longevity' in the Chinese context which is a 'must dish' for those celebrating birthdays. Did not take the picture of the 'Amah' Noodles but it look something like fried 'mee-suah'.

For dessert we had the Deep-Fried Sesame Glutinous Ball with Chilled Honeydew with Sago which is creamy. Cavan finished up the bowl of honeydew dessert which he enjoyed very much as you can see from the verdict he gave for the food he ate.
Double Thumbs-up!!

Note : mee suah -> A thin, delicate noodle made from rice flour, and is usually sold dried in boxes. It takes little time to cook, and is generally served in a soup. Representing 'long life', it is customary to serve a person Mee Sua soup on his or her birthday in Nyonya homes.


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