Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The BATTLE and the MOUSEY hunt...

What a title huh...you must be wondering what this is all about.

Let's start. I decided to wean my son off his pacifier or better known as "chut-chut" to him. Let me tell you that this is my 2nd attempt. The 1st attempt failed terribly!! Both my hubby and myself gave in to his whimpering, whining and the ooh-soo terrible addicted cry of not having his "chut-chut" plugged into his mouth!! This boy just refused to sleep without his "chut-chut". The result of the 1st attempt?? -- he wants 2 "chut-chut" with him from then on, one plugged in his mouth, the other to be held by him without the cover!! What he do with the 2nd "chut-chut" in his hand? He will rub it, sweep it across his forehead, chin, nose or worse if you sleep beside him, he will do it on your face!!! Remarks from his maternal grandparents and my hubby : "See, you made it worse. Now he wants TWO!!!. Let him have his "chut-chut", let him enjoy it!!" No one to encourage me on, I gave in. So TWO "chut-chut" for my boy.

Still not giving up on the idea of weaning him off the pacifier with or without support, I tried my luck yesterday night (Sept 17th). You see, my boy will only look for his "chut-chut" when he's fidgety ie. nothing to occupy his attention and when he need to calm himself down from anger or frustration ie. crying or better know to us as "lau-kai" period.

So we were in the car after our dinner (different post on this with pics of the food) and he started to look for his "chut-chut". He 'sign language' to me that he wants it and taking advantage of the situation, I told him that I don't have his "chut-chut" with me (earlier he was in his maternal grandpa's car and he passed his "chut-chut" to his piu-cher to keep). Asked him where he put his "chut-chut", that I don't have it at all. Surprisingly at this point, he did not start searching my bag or his Barney bag as usually he does when I tell him that I don't have it.

Gently reminded him that he gave it to his piu-cher and basically mummy (which is ME!!) forgot to take it from piu-cher and now piu-cher has gone back home on a different car. Straightaway he pointed to the car behind us (my dad's aka his maternal grandpa's car). Told him, it's not with his maternal grandparents, piu-cher went home in another car.

He just kept quiet and we proceeded home without much fuss. This looks like a good beginning. And all the way home, my hubby just kept quiet. I know him, he just gave up on me trying to wean our son off the pacifier.

Reached home, changed and time for bed time. This is where the BATTLE begins....

After finishing his milk, he wants his "chut-chut" to sleep and when I could not produce one for him; the whinning, whimpering, crying started no matter how sleepy he is. Carried him and we went around the whole house in search of his "chut-chut" with him pointing me here and there to search at the usual places and me repeating again and again that his "chut-chut" is with his piu-cher, we forgot to take it from her.

I believe it took almost 45 mins before he finally went to bed. I was really in the midst of giving in when I remembered I read somewhere before, that one technique is to cut off the tip of the pacifier as it won't feel good when they suck and eventually will give up. So I told my son I try to find his "chut-chut" but he must not cry. He kept quiet, laid his head on my shoulder and let me wonder around the house looking. I took one of his old pacifier and nib the tip off!!.... and before I could gave it to him and say "Look, found an old one", realised that he dozed off on my shoulder. To the bed he goes.... and some forty-winks for me before the next round (yeah, I anticipated it will go on the whole night!!)

An hour pass and he woke up looking for his "chut-chut" (can see his hands feeling around the bed at the usual spot I place his pacifier). Carried him and again told him the same repeated words "not here, we forgot...". Can't seem to calm him down, I gave him the nibbed pacifier. He put in his mouth and before I could blink my eye, it was out of his mouth hahaha!!!.... Boy, was he angry. To save my niece, his piu-cher from trouble the next morning, I asked him why, what's wrong with your "chut-chut"? Why you don't put in your mouth? My boy in his sleepy state, showed my his nibbed "chut-chut". That's when I said to him 'Oohhh, what happened?.... must be the mousey that bite your "chut-chut". MOUSEY hunt starts here....

Upon hearing this, he's wide awake. Eyes all round and does not look sleepy at all!!... I played along my story and said, must be the mousey that bite your "chut-chut" and took all your "chut-chut" away... Bad mousey. We must catch mousey and scold him for being so naughty!! He agreed and started to laugh (yes laugh!! upon hearing that mousey took all his pacifier away!!) while making all sorts of action of catching and beating the mouse.

Cut the story short, this went on the whole night ie. managed to get him to sleep without the "chut-chut" with the story of the bad mousey and his mummy (poor me!!) searching for the bad mousey the whole night while he sleeps!!

Morning dawn - 6.30am. I woke up and quickly find another old "chut-chut" and nibbed it off. He woke up soon after, again crying. The story of bad mousey continues but this time, mummy found another "chut-chut" left behind by mousey while he was a good boy, not crying but sleeping.

My boy took it and again felt frustrated that this 2nd "chut-chut" was bitten by bad mousey!! Told him to sleep while mummy goes on mousey hunt again and that mummy will get him a new one later. Surprisingly, he agreed. Holding on to the two bitten "chut-chut", he fell asleep.

Now, wouldn't you agree with me that so far the progress is good? :D

My mum arrived at 7.15am with my niece. Told them the story and made them promise to play along with me. Sort of 'warned' them not to give in this time especially my dad when he starts to whimper, whin and cry for this "chut-chut" when they bring him back to my parent's house later. Need to presevere during this period as I'm positive he'll be weaned off his pacifier by end of the week!! (so far I heard from my cousin and friends, their kids took 2 days to wean off. I'm giving my boy 3 days as he's rather persistent)

And yes dear hubby, I heard your comment during his crying that I could make it worse and if I lose this battle this round, our dear boy may request for not two but THREE "chut-chut" this time!!

So here goes, the BATTLE has begun and I do hope that this time I'm the winner!! More updates and progress of my battle in the following days...


Yvonne said...

If this method works, i will use it on my gal :)

life-muses said...

Will keep you updated yah.. phew!! this is even harder than working life!!

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