Monday, September 24, 2007

Battle continues...

Today is the 6th day of weaning Cavan off his pacifier.

You would think considering the comments I received from friends and family so far that it usually takes 2 nights of crying and the weaning process is completed. BUT alas this is not so the case for my boy. I could say that the peak period of weaning which is the first 3 nights is not so troublesome. It is the days after that we could see he's very and I mean VERY persistent to get his pacifier back!

He will make a fuss ie. lau-kai (tantrum) whenever he wanna nap/sleep and especially so during the night including mid-night and wee hours of the morning!! He will just cry and cry non-stop, goodness he can go up to an hour!!!

We decided to heed my dad's advise and to give him his pacifier whenever he wanna nap/sleep, only for this period to help him to sleep and get a good night sleep. Actually, I see him cry I also wanna cry for it is such a pity that he's really sleepy and continue to fight us to get his pacifier. Add that on with our threats each night that if he continues to cry and smack us (with both his hands slapping us on our faces and kicking us when we carry him), we leave him, dump him into the dustbin, etc...does not work although whenever we mentioned that, he will cling to us tightly or run after us. This is not good mentally...yep I know, scold me but he's just get on our nerve when he cries as you speak to him softly or roughly it does not work!!!

So we gave him this afternoon when we saw that he wanna sleep. SURPRISE SURPRISE, my boy really surprised me. He was happy to hold his pacifier. But he did not straight away put into his mouth and hold on to it as tho his life depended on it, which I thought he will do when we gave in to his demand.

Actually, I first gave him the 'bitten' pacifier. He took it, turn it around and told me in his way that this pacifier is bitten. I ignored and he did not make a fuss. He did not take his afternoon nap as we went shopping and when we reached home, he was not sleepy. However, when I was playing with him, he tried his pacifier (given him the good pacifier upon reaching home). Took 2 sucks and he took it out. He also 'sign' shame-shame to me and laugh telling me it's shame to suck pacifier!!

Jump to night time. Bed time. Gave him his milk and as previous, gave him his pacifier to hold. He drank his milk and previously after milk he will pop his pacifier into his mouth, but this time no, he just held it. He rolled around in his bed babbling away and finally slept WITHOUT, read me correctly WITHOUT the pacifier in his mouth!! My mum and I are so happy.

You would have think that I'm posting a 100% result in this post. Nope, am not doing that. Am waiting for tomorrow morning to see during the middle of the night if he make any fuss. One point that both my mum and I noted is that he wants his pacifier but once he got it and pop into his mouth, he does not get the satisfaction he previously had thus he's just happy to hold it.

We don't mind you holding on to it just don't pop it into your mouth Cavan!!


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