Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Battle and Mousey Hunt - Day 2

The battle continues.

Day 2 night is worse than the first night. I guess the first night my boy gets to see and hold on to his "chut-chut" whereas second night he got nothing at all.

I made him a mousey (as promised earlier that I would find the mousey for him). Reached home and attached his bitten "chut-chut" to the mousey's tail. Told him that mousey said he's sorry for being so bad that he bite off both his "chut-chut" and that in compensation, will accompany him nightly during bedtime. Asked Cavan to throw away his "chut-chut" since it's useless now. Surprisingly, Cavan took the "chut-chut" and threw it into the dustbin and said bye-bye!! You would have guess that it finally dawn on Cavan to give up hor?

the mousey made for Cavan

Wah, trouble begins when he it's time for bedtime. He's whining and pinning for his "chut-chut". It took me more than an hour to calm him down and get him to bed!! Had to kept reminding him that he threw his own "chut-chut". With this let me introduce Mr Garbage Truck!!

Mr Garbage Truck's role here is to let Cavan know that he has thrown away his "chut-chut" and Mr Truck has taken it away. So again, me and my boy in the early morning at 3am stood by the window again looking for Mr Garbage Truck in the hope to tell Mr Truck to come-by in the morning for us find his "chut-chut".

All is not too bad in the morning. Noticed that he does not ask for his "chut-chut" when he has 'nothing else to do'. He kept himself pretty busy playing his toys and looking for food in my kitchen cabinet and fridge!! hahaha....

The only hard to kick issue now is when he wants to nap/sleep, when he wakes up in the middle of his nap/sleep and upon waking up. He will ask for his "chut-chut". To also note that his memory is good coz he remembers what the mousey did and also Mr Garbage Truck. Can see that little Cavan is not giving up also in search of his missing "chut-chut"!!

We shall now see the result of his 3rd night....

ppsstt...... to fold one mousey for your little one, you can refer here


Caffeaulait said... cute little mousey. What's inside?? Got candy or not??
he he he

life-muses said... trying hard to kick his "chut-chut" habit off and dun wanna start another with candies!! hehehe....

anyway, great idea it gives me to tuck a candy or two and it makes a great party favour!! dun you agree??

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