Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More Cuppie Cupcakes

Made another batch and some of it will land in the hands of my colleague. They've been 'complaining' that I did not bring and let them try.... So 'pai-seh' but anyhow, I promised the next time I bake, I bring them some so here goes....

I've also realised that in my posts, the photos are all the cooked version, so here is the uncooked version for a change.

cuppie cupcakes ~ the raw stuff!!

So those who tried, if it's good let me know. And if you happen to bump into this post, you can leave your comments here. If you find it otherwise, eerrr.... I don't wanna know!!! hehehe....

'pai-seh' - a hokkien word that means shy


Yvonne said...

Where's mine ? :P

bUbBLe said...

Aiyah, you should have come over to take it mah. Tot you wanted to be on diet. Anyway, there's always the next round!

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