Friday, August 03, 2007

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

Went to a Korean restaurant in Kota Damansara to celebrate hubby's birthday today. Food is not bad, so is the pricing. Interior is simple and nicely decorated. Couldn't help but noticed that there's a lot of Rain's posters pasted in the whole restaurant!!

Some of the stuff we had...

Daeji Gal-Bi (pork) - uncooked version

Yang-ngum Dak-Gal-Bi (chicken) bbq - uncooked version

Cooked version bbq pork

Cooked version of chicken

My favourite dish!! Dilsot-Bibim-Bab (a rich layering of fresh and seasoned vegetables, slices of beef served in
hot stone bowl over a bed of steam rice topped with fried egg. Mix with the korean chili
paste and YUM!!)

Kimchi-jiigae (combination of belly pork, kimchi and tofu in a rich kimchi soup)

Served with lots of condiments that occupy the whole perimeter of the grill area, we really had loads of food. To top it off, the owner bestowed upon us a free plate of what I call 'Korean pizza' (hehe, I don't know the name of this dish but its good!!)

Free 'korean pizza' from the owner

Cinnamon and ginger tea to end a satisfying meal!

BURP, oops!! excuse me!! :p


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