Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bleary me...

It has been 24 hours and I've not gotten any sleep so far. A record breaking for me!!!

Reason? Son developed fever, flu and cough and this time it's really terrible as he can't sleep well, whining even though it's very very late & pining for his maternal grandmother!

So what did me and hubby did? At 2AM (yes you read correctly, 2AM we went and fetch my mum back to our house). On the way to and back, my boy slept soundly in the car!! Reached home and from there it was a whirlwind!! Both me and mum did not sleep at all!!! He just can't have a straight sleep due to his throat irritation. Worse is he wants to be carried and refuse to go on his bed. Add to that, he wants to be carried around the house walking which means the carrier CANNOT SIT!!!....

Brought him to the specialist in the morning, went thru a Nebuliser which helped him to de-congest his flu. Tonight, we need to go again for another round of Nebuliser. Cross my fingers that after the 2nd round of Nebuliser, he can get a good sleep and so does my mum and me. If not it will be 48 hours marathon contest of who can hold on longest being awake!!


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