Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lousy n Bad Day!!!

Today is such a lousy day!!

Now it's 4.00pm and I'm still in the office!! Been here since 9.30am!!

Missed Cavan's Shichida class this morning and now missed his Kindermusik class as well. All these because the contractor that suppose to turn up at 9.30am to rectify my office pantry's flooring only turned up at 12.45pm!!!!

Oh yah, my vent up frustration went to the installer for making me wait so long and now they are near finishing the job and what happen?? Not enough material one of the guy have to drive back to their HQ in Puchong to get more material!!!

On the other hand, I had to argue with the Kindermusik's admin gal on the number of classes per payment. Not in the mood to explain it out here but it is no fault of ours. She miscalculated which led us to make the wrong decision and finally finally after voicing my frustration louder than her voice over the phone she understand our point and know where the error comes from. Hopefully I receive more pleasing news from her end.

Geez what other stuff are there to make this day more bleary than this??


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