Saturday, July 07, 2007

Welcome to the Club!!

This day
I will marry my friend,

the one I laugh with,

live for, dream with and love....

The above short poem was chosen and printed on my wedding card. I still find the wordings written very appropriately till this day.

Attended a friend's wedding tonight held at Restaurant Ngai Fong, Jalan Imbi - KL. One thing that caught my eye in his wedding invitation card was the time. It states 7.07pm sharp. Now, one glance at the time and you go 'what is this 7.07pm, odd for such timing'.

Raking my mind on this odd hour, it then struck me that hey, they are getting married on 7-7-07!! Now the timing makes sense to me!! :) Special isn't it? I find it creative!!

The food is nice especially the shark fin's soup. Each mouthful is full of goodies!! ie. crab meat, shark fins and gosh, who knows what else is in there!! hahaha...

To Pak Seng and Daphne, CONGRATULATIONS!! The groom looks so dashing with his new hair colour and the bride is so radiant :) and we found out also tonight that the groom can sing!!

Welcome to the Married Club!! bye bye to the single, bachelor life. Now, to upgrade yourself to the next club level, get your production engine ON!!


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