Monday, July 23, 2007

More Cupcakes!!

Intended to order a Poppy Seed cake for my mum's birthday but alas the baker is not available. Not wanting to purchase any cake off the shelf, decided to bake another set of cupcakes. As we will be going on a weekend get-away to Kajang (different post on this), this would be convenient.

this time is orange poppyseed cupcakes
blooming beautifully

just out of the oven waiting to be
transferred to the cooling rack

lined on the cooling rack, ready to be decorated
tried to decorated with fresh cream but did not turn out well
thus revert back to basic icing

flowers anyone?
yah i know my art is bad, don't have to tell me

the finish product
a child's play hehehe....

All in, I enjoyed baking this batch very much especially the decoration part. A bit tricky and really need skill. Hats off to those who can master this art so perfectly to come out with masterpieces.

Overall, am satisfied and it does indeed turns out to be a gift from a grandson to his grandma (on behalf of my boy). Hope you like it mum (aka poh-poh to my son) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Caffeaulait said...

so sweet!!! the bestest burfday cake ever yipee!

Caffeaulait said...

mmm...look soo yummy! Happy Burfday TaiyeeMa a.k.a Yee Poh.
loves from all of us in cheras.

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