Tuesday, July 31, 2007


After a very very long absence from the exercise world, I went to Yoga Zone Plaza Damas this evening to utilise my free 1 month unlimited voucher.

Opted for the Fitball class which is a combination of both Yoga and Pilates. A unique method for building long sculpted muscles and develops a strong back and abdominal core. These workouts also strengthen and train deep muscles in order to soothe lower-back pain and increase overall body strength, balance and coordination.

I entered the studio and choose a ball. A BIG one that is and boy oh boy, was it such a mistake to choose a BIG ball coz after a few warm up exercises, we were told to hold the ball using our inner leg and the ball is NOT to touch the floor. Position already awkward. To make it worse, we are to sort of jump to the left and to the right with the ball held steady in between our inner legs. Since the ball that I choose is so BIG, I was having a difficult time holding it in place not to say to keep it off the floor!!!

Too bad I can't take a picture of myself doing the poses. It will be interesting to see those awkward positions everyone is in. During the poses, some of us just can't help but laugh out loud! Note : came across this site which the writer wrote about fitball and some pics to give you some idea on what went on in the class.

All in all, enjoyed the class very much especially when we were told to 'float' on the ball by rolling and balancing ourselves on the ball on our tummy. Looking forward to next week's class and this time, I'll choose a smaller bouncier ball!!!


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