Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Country Villa, Country Heights - Kajang

Went to nearby Kajang for a short weekend get-away. Hubby and myself attended a Health Talk a month earlier and was given a free stay voucher at Country Heights Country Villa.

My mum, aunt and uncle followed us whereas my dad opted to stay back in KL to look after my nephew and niece who is schooling. We booked into Country Villa on Sunday (July 22nd) afternoon and stayed the night there. As the next day Monday (July 23rd) was my mum's birthday, I baked a batch of cupcakes and had a small celebration there.

Nothing much in the itinerary except to try out the famous Kajang stay. Went to a well known shop "Sate Kajang Hg. Samuri" and boy was I disappointed!! I found that the satay at my mum's housing area tastes so much much better than here!! Enuf said, this is my personal opinion...well, actually it is the opinion of all of us there except my boy who just enjoys whatever that can be eaten!! hehehe....

located in town, huge and crowded

before the satay arrives, we were served peanut sauce
and condiments of ketupat (rice) and cucumber

the 'star' which was cold when it arrived


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