Sunday, July 08, 2007

Banana Walnut Cake

I've been wanting to bake for quite awhile and finally finally manage to go to the bakery shop and get the ingredients and utensils required.

My first attempt is the Banana Walnut Cake. The ingredients are easy to hunt and method does not look too complicated. That said, I must first fix up my mixer, a wedding present untouched for the past almost 3 years!! hehehe...

The whole house smell wonderfully nice...the sweet aroma of banana with a tinge of vanilla.

Straight out of the oven...

The result

For an amateur, consider lucky that my cake turned out cook and not burned :p I find my cake a tad too soft though, but hey that's moisture!! unlike those selling at the bakery which I find a bit too dry at times :)

Will definitely bake this again...


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