Tuesday, July 31, 2007


After a very very long absence from the exercise world, I went to Yoga Zone Plaza Damas this evening to utilise my free 1 month unlimited voucher.

Opted for the Fitball class which is a combination of both Yoga and Pilates. A unique method for building long sculpted muscles and develops a strong back and abdominal core. These workouts also strengthen and train deep muscles in order to soothe lower-back pain and increase overall body strength, balance and coordination.

I entered the studio and choose a ball. A BIG one that is and boy oh boy, was it such a mistake to choose a BIG ball coz after a few warm up exercises, we were told to hold the ball using our inner leg and the ball is NOT to touch the floor. Position already awkward. To make it worse, we are to sort of jump to the left and to the right with the ball held steady in between our inner legs. Since the ball that I choose is so BIG, I was having a difficult time holding it in place not to say to keep it off the floor!!!

Too bad I can't take a picture of myself doing the poses. It will be interesting to see those awkward positions everyone is in. During the poses, some of us just can't help but laugh out loud! Note : came across this site which the writer wrote about fitball and some pics to give you some idea on what went on in the class.

All in all, enjoyed the class very much especially when we were told to 'float' on the ball by rolling and balancing ourselves on the ball on our tummy. Looking forward to next week's class and this time, I'll choose a smaller bouncier ball!!!

Country Villa, Country Heights - Kajang

Went to nearby Kajang for a short weekend get-away. Hubby and myself attended a Health Talk a month earlier and was given a free stay voucher at Country Heights Country Villa.

My mum, aunt and uncle followed us whereas my dad opted to stay back in KL to look after my nephew and niece who is schooling. We booked into Country Villa on Sunday (July 22nd) afternoon and stayed the night there. As the next day Monday (July 23rd) was my mum's birthday, I baked a batch of cupcakes and had a small celebration there.

Nothing much in the itinerary except to try out the famous Kajang stay. Went to a well known shop "Sate Kajang Hg. Samuri" and boy was I disappointed!! I found that the satay at my mum's housing area tastes so much much better than here!! Enuf said, this is my personal opinion...well, actually it is the opinion of all of us there except my boy who just enjoys whatever that can be eaten!! hehehe....

located in town, huge and crowded

before the satay arrives, we were served peanut sauce
and condiments of ketupat (rice) and cucumber

the 'star' which was cold when it arrived

Monday, July 23, 2007

More Cupcakes!!

Intended to order a Poppy Seed cake for my mum's birthday but alas the baker is not available. Not wanting to purchase any cake off the shelf, decided to bake another set of cupcakes. As we will be going on a weekend get-away to Kajang (different post on this), this would be convenient.

this time is orange poppyseed cupcakes
blooming beautifully

just out of the oven waiting to be
transferred to the cooling rack

lined on the cooling rack, ready to be decorated
tried to decorated with fresh cream but did not turn out well
thus revert back to basic icing

flowers anyone?
yah i know my art is bad, don't have to tell me

the finish product
a child's play hehehe....

All in, I enjoyed baking this batch very much especially the decoration part. A bit tricky and really need skill. Hats off to those who can master this art so perfectly to come out with masterpieces.

Overall, am satisfied and it does indeed turns out to be a gift from a grandson to his grandma (on behalf of my boy). Hope you like it mum (aka poh-poh to my son) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tried my hand yet again at baking, this time is cupcakes.

The recipe called for a Basic Vanilla Cupcake but I added in some orange juice and rind to it. To top it up, made my own icing adding some lemon juice to give it some zest.

pretty cupcakes in the making....

rows and rows of decorated cupcakes

cupcake close up...

another close up view

Minced Meat Potato Nugget

Nothing much to do on a Sunday afternoon with the baby fast asleep. Having minced meat and potatoes left, I made some nuggets out of them.

Dip them in your favourite sauce and you have a fast and delicious afternoon snack!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff

Update : Sept 13th, 2007

I've moved my swapsies to a new home. Please find me at http://swapsgalore.blogspot.com.

See you there!! :D

Gimme Your Stuff

Would you like to try your hand at swapping? Just think, wouldn't it be fun and nice when one day you receive a postage or parcel bearing lots and lots of goodies to feast your eyes or tummy on? Sounds interesting? then this is the site for you.

I live in Malaysia and love to receive nice cute 'kawaii' stuff and also wish to share with you bits of our lovely country.

These are the stuff that I would like to receive (or any other thing that you might offer) :

* cute necklace, hair clips, earrings
* mini totes
* candy, snacks, biscuits
* fabric, craft materials (eg. buttons, embellishments, etc..)
* craft magazines (past issues are okay)
* recipe books (only in English please)
* decorative, vintage items (signage for rooms, kitchen, cookie tin, boxes, etc..)
* fridge magnets
* cute gift boxes
* cute cookie cutters

In return, I can offer the following (please ask for items not listed below, am sure I can get it for you)

* cute necklace, hair clips, earrings
* candy, snacks, biscuits
* fridge magnets
* spices
* instant coffee (famous white coffee) / tea
* stationeries
* post cards
* stickers
* handphone accessories
* cute keychain

If you're interested to be my swap partner, please leave a comment and your email address here and I'll be in contact with you.

Thank you and happy swapping everyone!!

Gimme Your Stuff

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Banana Walnut Cake

I've been wanting to bake for quite awhile and finally finally manage to go to the bakery shop and get the ingredients and utensils required.

My first attempt is the Banana Walnut Cake. The ingredients are easy to hunt and method does not look too complicated. That said, I must first fix up my mixer, a wedding present untouched for the past almost 3 years!! hehehe...

The whole house smell wonderfully nice...the sweet aroma of banana with a tinge of vanilla.

Straight out of the oven...

The result

For an amateur, consider lucky that my cake turned out cook and not burned :p I find my cake a tad too soft though, but hey that's moisture!! unlike those selling at the bakery which I find a bit too dry at times :)

Will definitely bake this again...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Welcome to the Club!!

This day
I will marry my friend,

the one I laugh with,

live for, dream with and love....

The above short poem was chosen and printed on my wedding card. I still find the wordings written very appropriately till this day.

Attended a friend's wedding tonight held at Restaurant Ngai Fong, Jalan Imbi - KL. One thing that caught my eye in his wedding invitation card was the time. It states 7.07pm sharp. Now, one glance at the time and you go 'what is this 7.07pm, odd for such timing'.

Raking my mind on this odd hour, it then struck me that hey, they are getting married on 7-7-07!! Now the timing makes sense to me!! :) Special isn't it? I find it creative!!

The food is nice especially the shark fin's soup. Each mouthful is full of goodies!! ie. crab meat, shark fins and gosh, who knows what else is in there!! hahaha...

To Pak Seng and Daphne, CONGRATULATIONS!! The groom looks so dashing with his new hair colour and the bride is so radiant :) and we found out also tonight that the groom can sing!!

Welcome to the Married Club!! bye bye to the single, bachelor life. Now, to upgrade yourself to the next club level, get your production engine ON!!


Today is a special day. It is 7 July 2007.

See the significant of the numbers??.....It does not happen too often this special day. '777' is also the 'direct line' to call the Heavenly One :D

Many people rush to get married on this day. Everywhere you turn, for sure you will see wedding cars zooming by.

Wonder when 8 August 2008 swings by, will the registrar of marriage be jam packed of people since the number '8' is a prosperous number for the Chinese!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fried Short Rice Noodles

My first attempt at cooking fried short rice noodles or better known as 'Loh Shee Fun'. Whenever my mum cooks this, I'll always be the first in line to get a BIG plate. Eat it with freshly cut red chilies and you'll go yyuuummmmm.......

So how did I fare on my first try? Not that bad really, it tastes still as good!! :D
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