Sunday, June 17, 2007

Golfers Seafood Village Restaurant

It's Father's Day, 2nd year that we are celebrating since the birth of our son.

We went to Golfer's Paradise with my family today (we celebrated it a day earlier with my in-laws). As we did not make any reservation, we were there early and were lucky to obtain a table.

Although the service is rather slow, the food is not bad. Too bad that we did not take any pictures of the food (too hungry and we all just attack the food when it was place on our table haha).

My boy was exceptionally happy today. He enjoyed his food. Had his first taste of 'shell' (prawns) and love it (although the doctor advise to wait till he's 3 years old, we let him try and see his reaction - please refer to my previous post on "Fong Mok"). Playful throughout the whole meal. We continued with desert at Secret Recipe. He was enjoying the cakes and ice-cream and was playing with my nephew and niece.

My parents throughly enjoyed themselves seeing the antics that he displayed. He even know how to pose for photos when my brother takes the camera out!!

This is so far the best Father's Day celebration I had as we celebrated for 3 fathers which consists of my dad, my brother and last but not least my hubby.

Have a great Father's Day!!


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