Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the Headlines!!

APRIL FOOL!!! No, I should say JUNE FOOL!! Hahaha...

Cavan don't have to model for anyone. He can just model for me anytime anyday....and the prize he gets?? engulfed in lots and lots of kisses from his mummy!! Now, wouldn't this be the BEST prize to get? :p

Give some laughs to your family and friends with your own newspaper clips at


Yvonne said...

You really got me , felt so excited for you at first..hahah

Kah Lai said...

Following your advice to check out your blog for updates. And saw this! Really thought it's TRUE! Hahaha...very funny....Hey there is really lots of updates here. Didn't know you've now become a culinary expert. Need to book a time with you for the 'treat' :)

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