Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!

Guess my hubby is the happiest father on earth today coz our son blurted our 'Baa-baa' (aka Papa or the sound of it). Does this mean he really started to 'talk' and will call us now?..... This first blurt happened in the afternoon, so later in the evening is the real test.

My hubby kept on telling him call 'Baa-baa, baa-baa......' and eventually we heard him blurt again 'Baa-baa'. Yippee!!! he called Papa!! Now isn't this the best Father's Day gift??

Being the jealous me, I started telling Cavan to call me 'Maa-maa, maa-maa'...and guess what he blurted 'Maa-maa'!!! Yes! Yes!! at last he calls me Mama. Well I got a Father's Day gift too hehehe....

Not wanting to be left out, my dad and mum work their way on Cavan and asked him to say 'Kong-kong', 'Poh-poh' and the result? my boy just laugh his way out!!

As I'm typing this, I can hear that my hubby is again working on Cavan to call him Papa... :D


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