Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 26th Wedding Anniversary

Our whole family was invited to celebrate the 26th wedding anniversary of my 8th aunt and her hubby (Aunty Pat & Opa Wim). In case you're wondering, Opa Wim hails from Holland and is very atune to Asian food. Not only does he cooks great Mee Goreng, he even eats durian!! The dinner was held at The Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre. We had an enjoyable meal as the food was super delicious.

"Soft shell crab. Big and de-li-cious!!"

"Individually served Shark fins soup in a pumpkin which contains slices of fin and a big prawn wanton"

"Fried pigeon which my boy enjoyed although the meat is a bit tough."

"Succulent fresh tiger prawns served in a dim sum basket"

"Braised sea cucumber, mushroom and fresh scallop"

"Something different, this rice is presented 'pouring' out of a big clam. A bit wet to my liking but the taste is great and it contains bit of scallop, mushroom, brocolli and clam"

My boy had almost the full course (with the exception of the soft shell crab and braised sea cucumber dish). Our dinner ended with a yummy durian pudding, sinfully de-li-cious and guilty not to say fat-te-ning!!

Food aside, 26th years of marriage. Wow, I wonder how I will look like and feel when I reach my 26 years of marriage...


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