Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 19 months old!!

My boy turns 19 months old today. This also marks my 25th posting here!! (well everyone celebrates their 50th or 100th post, so I'm celebrating my 25th post!! haha)

Looking back, it has been like a whirlwind since he's birth and wow today he's already 1 year 7 months old!! He has accomplish a lot of stuff, knows how to throw tantrum, play peek-a-boo, stacking stuff, riding his car or bicycle by pushing with his legs, pressing the horn while riding, mum-mum ie. asking for food, pointing out stuff he wants, laughing while watching his favourite shows, etc... and one thing not forgetting to mention that he has his favourite song "Miss Polly has a dolly". He just wants to listen to it again and again and myself and hubby is beginning to feel bored with this. In the house it's Miss Polly...., in the car it's Miss Polly...worse is he wants you to sing it again and again!! and when you purposely sing a different song, he shakes his head, wave no and make noises to tell you it's wrong!!

It has been a great journey for him and us and we look forward to even more greater memories together. Happy 19 months old Cavan!!


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