Monday, June 18, 2007

Diapering Days....

A friend introduced me to a new sanitary napkin which assist in eliminating women's health problem as it consists of negative ion. Problems or dieases that may be eliminated includes menstrual pain, discharge, vaginal cancer, etc.. The demo is an eye opener for me as who would be so 'free' as to cut open those napkins that you purchase and use each month to see what are the contents. It also opens a path for me to try out in sharing and introducing my friends to this new sanitary napkin line. It not an easy task opening your mouth and tell your friends, 'Hey, I got something to share with you and when you get to the main topic, FROZE!!...should you continue or just say forget it? Anyway, it's an invaluable lesson to me as although some might take up or some might choose to ignore, at least I had the experience in doing live demo, sharing the benefits and the rest it's all up to the recipient.

(please contact me for more product info and details)

While going through all these, one thing that struck me the most is woman is not free from diapering days..... You see, from birth we were already introduced to diapers be it in cloth or disposable (well, during my days it was mostly cloth as disposable is unheard off). Then it was potty training time until you reach your teens where your hormones begin to change and you produce 'eggs' so to speak (reach puberty). Between your successful potty training days to your puberty stage, you are diaper free. From then on, each month you are required to use diaper or in our case (since grown up already mah) napkins. And this will last us until we reach the menopause stage and no it does not end here. When you're old and helpless and you could not control your own body, diapers come into view again. Only this time, it's call adult diapers!!

So you see, woman is not free of diapering days....


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