Tuesday, June 12, 2007

5D4N Bangkok, Thailand (May 17th - 21st)

This mark the first vacation both hubby and myself have after the birth of Cavan.

It all started with me having a free stay voucher at Majestic Grande Hotel which was valid until Sept-07. Not having been to Bangkok before and wasting away this voucher, I opted for Bangkok when hubby asked where I want to go if we manage to snatch one of those free seats offered by Air Asia in conjuction of their anniversary earlier this year.

First thought was BANGKOK!!! (although hubby been there before on one of his business trips, he willingly said OK to it, how sweet of him hehehe..)

We booked our seats from Air Asia website, juggling dates and time and finally managed to get it confirm after mid-night!!! Such heavy tracfic going-on in there and we almost gave up trying to snatch the free seats offered.

5D4N turned out to be too long a holiday for us, as both of us do not have the intention of shopping. Everyone kept telling us to bring more dosh ($$), lots of and cheap cheap stuff you can get there, etc etc..

Irony of this trip was 2 days before our departure, so happen I was online chatting with a friend of mine overseas when I received a message from a local friend of ours. Along those how have you been messages thrown back and forth, we found out that they (couple) and us will be in Bangkok during the same period. The only difference is that this couple will be there a day before us, also managed to snatch the free seats offered by Air Asia and their stay would be 4D3N. Arrangement thus has been made to meet each other there (see in KL also seldom meet, but need to go overseas to meet hah!!)

To cut it short, it was arranged that they will book a cab and pick us up from the airport and straight away start our sight seeing.

Our whole trip agenda in summary :

Day 1 - visited Ayuthaya, ruins legacy of a once great empire
Day 2 - visited Damnoen Saduak, floating market
Day 3 - visited the Grand Palace & China Town
Day 4 - changed hotel (Day 1-3 stayed at Twin Towers, Day 4-5 stayed at Majestic Grande)
Day 5 - home sweet home!!

In between those 5 days, we either went to the Siam Paragon (beautiful shopping mall, extremely high class!!), MBK (something like Sg. Wang), Suan Lam night market or just strolling along the streets of Bangkok. Oh yes, we did make a trip to Chatuchak night market, but alas it was beginning to close as we went there too late. Had an uneasy feeling when we reach there as well as the crowd was rather 'mixed'.

All in all, we enjoyed our trip but felt that the most 4 days would be sufficient. Enjoyed exploring the city on our own two feet, taking their public transport amidst the language problem that we face with them haha...

Oh yah, I also celebrated my birthday there and miss Cavan tremendously and in turn what you get is a high phone bill from calling him each day!!


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